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於收到全新批核之 Simply Cash Visa卡後,新登記網上理財及於新卡獲發出後首 2個月內 完成首次登入之全新信用卡客戶 i ,可獲享額外HK$100現金回贈 iv。 您只須您的電話理財卡號碼 (16位信用卡號碼),電子理財私人密碼及手提電話登記網上理財。

Top-up Offer: HKD100 CashBack After receiving the newly approved Simply Cash Visa Card, New Cardholders i who newly sign up for Online Banking and complete the first login within the first 2 months from the date of card issuance can get extra HKD100

渣打 Simply Cash Visa卡 喺11月30日前經小斯申請新舊客戶除咗都有$300禮券外,新客戶登記埋渣打Online Banking,就可以再拎多$100!發卡後首2個月內既簽賬仲可享迎新禮遇!仲無最低簽賬求!就算你只係簽$100都俾返$25你架!

Simply Cash Visa 卡 迎新禮遇: 高達HK$1,100現金回贈 及0%息優惠^ 旅遊及生活消閒 SC Mobile用得越多,中獎機會越高(超過1,500份) 了解更多 安聯旅遊保險 多達5天亞洲旅遊保險尊貴計劃只需HK$75 了解更多 里數要識賺仲要識用 賺取305,000里數,兼享6

(里先生額外新舊客$300現金券) 渣打Simply Cash Visa 直卡$1,000迎新回贈,再開網上戶口$100及里先生現金券!平日港幣簽賬現金回贈1.5%!chok PayMe/八達通都有!,里先生就覺得呢張信用卡最啱唔儲里數又唔留意銀行突發優惠嘅朋友。迎新有25%現金回贈!

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10/8/2018 · – SC Simply Cash for everything else – 1.5% back So my strategy similar to yours except as much as I hate to admit because I’m not a fan of HSBC, its hard to overlook their signature card and use it for spending in one category of your choice only.

本地簽賬 海外簽賬 其他簽賬回贈/優惠 迎新回贈 年薪要求 Citi Cash Back Card 1% 2% 餐飲簽賬2%回贈 簽HK$10,000送HK$800超市禮券 24萬