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Choose the Profoto B10, and you’ll get five times the power of a speedlight, select the B10 Plus, and you’ll get twice that power. Since both are no bigger than a large camera lens, whichever you go for you’ll be getting a big light in a small package.

Profoto doesn’t do complicated. Our photography lighting products are quick and easy to set up and use. That’s probably why everyone from aspiring photographers to the world’s best image creators absolutely love them. That and the fact that they help produce

Because how much gear you have to carry — matters. How much space you have to set up and work in — matters. Being able to move fast, get in, get out and most of all, get the shot — matters. All that, and more inspired the Profoto B10 and the Profoto B10

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1/7/2017 · Looking for world-class free online photography training by the best photographers in the business? Quality online photography training and education is priceless in today’s competitive landscape. Shutter Magazine

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Profoto continues to refine and surprise us with an enhanced version of the B1 battery-powered monolight, the B1X. The B1X 500 AirTTL 2-Light Location Kit includes two B1X flash heads with 80% brighter LED modeling lights and batteries with 50% greater capacity

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12/9/2018 · Ho avuto a disposizione il Profoto B10 per un paio d’ore. Con la mia Fuji GFX50S ho voluto testare come rispondeva. Grande luce, anche senza nessuno light shaping tool, e una portatilità che sarà utilissima nella prossima

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3000-6500 LED Modeling Lamp, CRI 90-96, 300′ Wireless Triggering with Air TTL, Smartphone Connectivity with Profoto App. Review Profoto B10 Buy Profoto B10 OCF Flash Head featuring 250Ws, 10-Stop Power Range, 7" Length, 3.9

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15/11/2018 · If you want an un-boxing video, or someone to tell you 「specs」 this is not your video. I am also not going to run through all the features of the light. What I AM going to do.. is take you along with a top fashion model here in

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19/7/2017 · YouTube Premium Loading Get YouTube without the ads. Working Skip trial 1 month free Find out why Close Profoto B1X 「from B1 to B1X」_FULL alexgiacomelli Loading Unsubscribe from alexgiacomelli

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27/7/2018 · Photographer Scott Kelby takes you behind-the-scenes at his recent fashion shoot using the Profoto B1x and featuring NYC model MJ Butterly (Instagram: @mjbutterly). The shoot includes four different looks, including

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24/5/2018 · Profoto B1X Kit; Needed sooner in my life Difficult to justify the steep price, but once I got my hands on it, and without reading the manual, was using it in less than 30 seconds with the air remote in TTL on a Nikon D810. Popped in some batteries and it was pretty

Profoto continues to impress and surprise us, this time with an enhanced version of the B1 battery-powered monolight, the B1X, introduced with the B1X 500 AirTTL 1-Light To-Go Kit with an improved battery that will give you an impressive 325 full-power flashes. All

4/8/2019 · If I was a Profoto user it would depend on my priorities. If size and weight of the _head_ were my #1 priority by far then B2 would be far from obsolete for me. But if they were not I would not be giving B2 a second glance. Not because of what seems to be slightly

The Profoto B10x is one such example. This small strobe is just the size of a large lens, 250 watt seconds, can charge its battery and shoot on location OR plug into the wall as a studio strobe. Question #10: What types of things do I need to buy to get my

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b10_6.60pro b10 B10白铜板B10铜棒B10铜管 -【效果图,产品图 381×297 – 21KB – JPEG 【C35卤素节能灯泡 B10卤素内胆灯 泡中泡】 1028×771 – 146KB – JPEG 万和 E5-B10X相关链接 1280×960 – 176KB – JPEG 滚动轴承-进口NSK B10-50汽车轴承尺寸:10*2

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