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Choose Your Major/Minor Choosing a major is an exploratory process that involves careful investigation and responsible decision making. You can follow the different steps to find out an area of study that matches your interest, abilities and values. Remember, you

† This is a major program jointly offered by the School of Business and Management, the School of Science and the School of Engineering. * This is a self-financed program jointly offered by HKUST, the University of Southern California in the United States and Bocconi University in Italy.

HKUST School of Science: Webinar Events for UG Admission (2020 Intake) 6,7 November 2019 PG Info Session 14 November 2019 Igniting Passion for Physics 28 October 2019 Learning Science with Cells at Work!–Science Focus (Issue 016) 25

The two Science programs are designed to suit students from diverse education backgrounds and to cater the needs and aspirations of individual students. Most science major programs offer different study tracks and options, and provide opportunity for double

Science (Group B) program is more suitable for those students who are interested in the fields of Chemistry and Life Science. Students admitted into the HKUST School of Science (SSCI), upon completion of their first year of study, can either enroll in one of the.

Accreditation / Recognition Engineering programs offered by HKUST are accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Through the Washington Accord, HKUST engineering degrees and those awarded by universities in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan

The Interdisciplinary Programs Office (IPO) Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP) BSc in Environmental Management and Technology Program (EVMT) BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Program (IIM) For details about the.

The Division of Life Science at HKUST offers rigorous and competitive undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Currently, we have over 600 undergraduate students and over 200 postgraduate students. The Division has 35 full-time faculty members with significant

Science Foundation courses should include 8 courses: 1. SEVEN foundation lecture courses, including at least 1 lecture course, but no more than 3 lecture courses, from each Some courses used to fulfill Major and/or School Requirements can also fulfill

HKUST’s School of Humanities and Social Science is the largest interdisciplinary university-level humanities and social sciences programs in Greater China, and it is particularly proud of the depth and breadth of its program-wide focus on China.

School of Science, School of Engineering and School of Business and Management

Life Science is a diverse and exciting field with numerous technology and practical applications spanning academia, industry, medicine and agriculture. The Division of Life Science (LIFS) offers a number of degrees at the undergraduate level, ranging from major

Students without the corresponding major foundation course grade at HKUST will be assessed based on selected course performance and CV profile, in some situation interview may be considered. 3. BCGA includes the following courses: ACCT 2010, ECON 2103/2113, ECON 2123, FINA 2303, ISOM 2010, ISOM 2500, ISOM 2700, MARK 2120, MGMT 2010 and MGMT 2110.

HKUST Social Science PhD graduates now hold academic positions at prominent institutions such as Academia Sinica, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University, Peking University, Nanjing University, National University of Singapore, Renmin

School of Science School of Engineering School of Business and Management School of Humanities and Social Science Interdisciplinary Programs Office HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

HKUST-led Research Successfully Develops Rechargeable Liquid Fuels 「The environment-friendly rechargeable liquid fuel promises to have impact on a global scale. It can fully recharge an electric vehicle in a matter of minutes

Second Class, 2015 State Natural Science Award (2015) Prof. Jian-Ping GAN Second Class, 2014 State Natural Science Award (2014) Prof. Jimmy Chi-Hung FUNG Winner of the School of Science Teaching, Research and Service Award (2014) Prof. Ji-Shan HU

Major Programs The department offers two major programs. COMP is our general undergraduate degree program. It provides a broad education in all core areas of Computer Science, while allowing students the flexibility to pursue individual interests in higher-level

Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics for Educators Mathematics is an indispensible subject for quantitative understanding and logical thinking. It is employed as a formidable and powerful tool in science, engineering, and finance, and as such the learning and


Our Department emphasizes on cross-disciplinary research and educational programs in Ocean Science and Technology. We have three research foci: Marine Ecology, Oceanography, and Ocean Technology. The study sites include the estuary of the Pearl River

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) program is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management. As the complexity and technical aspects of contemporary economic problems exhibit strong synergy

The new Quantitative Social Analysis UG major in the HKUST Division of Social Science prepares students for the rapidly growing number of positions in business, government, and the non-profit sector that involve the analysis of social data and interpretation and

HKUST ranked no. 1 in Citations in Social Science among Asian Universities Creative Arts Education in Music First Asian MOOC Hong Kong MOOC Draws Students from Around the World Research Centers Our School is committed to carrying out high quality

HKUST UG students whose first major are NOT in physics can choose to declare additional major in physics or minor in physics. Additional Major in Physics To graduate with additional major in physics, students will need to complete courses under the School of Science requirements and the major requirements for BSc in physics.

Kaisa Group Lecture Theater (IAS LT), Lo Ka Chung Building, Lee Shau Kee Campus, HKUST Non-Equilibrium Strongly Hyperuniform Fluids with Large Local Density Fluctuations – Towards Perfect Photonic Fluids Speaker Prof. Ran Ni, Nanyang Technological

The Department of Chemistry The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has dynamic and friendly and cooperative faculty members active in all areas of chemical research, and whose research is internationally recognized. The Department has become

About Department We are dedicated to produce world-class research, deliver first-rate finance education, and contribute to the financial developments in Hong Kong Faculty and Staff Our faculty are actively engaged in research and provide high quality teaching.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at HKUST is among the largest computer science departments in Hong Kong. We offer internationally recognized computer science programs with more than 600 undergraduate students, as well as around 100

HKUST Grading Students receive a grade in each course in which they are enrolled. Transfer credits and courses graded HP/P/LP/U/Y, AU, CR, DI, DN, I, IP, P, PA, PP, PS, T and W are omitted from the calculation of grade point averages. Grading (prior

School of Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is ranked World’s Top 20 in all Engineering Subjects. It is an alternative to top MSc Engineering programs in


Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) has evolved into an exciting high technology discipline that has transformed many aspects of our daily life and will continue to shape our information-based society. The research and teaching at ECE encompasses a wide

Entrepreneurship Minor Programs HKUST offers the Entrepreneurship Minor program to all undergraduate students. This program aims at: Cultivating a risk-taking value-creation mindset Building skills, character and mindset Enhancing hands-on experience and

Program Curriculum The HKUST MScBA program is offered in both in one-year full-time and two-year part-time study modes. Students will acquire necessary analytics skills in the required courses and focus on their areas of interest in elective courses.

Founded in 1991, HKUST is an international research university dedicated to the advancement of science, engineering, business & management, and humanities & social science; education of the next generation of front runners, both at the undergraduate and

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| Division of Humanities – HKUST Postgraduate Course Offering for Fall 2019 Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are related to the

Chemistry and biology serve as the foundation sciences of chemical & biomolecular engineering, whereas processing of chemical and biological materials is the heart of our profession. The research in our Department can be classified into five major areas:

HKUST MPhil graduates in Social Science who have taken and passed this course before may be exempted from this requirement, subject to prior approval from the Division Head and PG Coordinator. Students admitted to the PhD (SOSC) program are allowed to transfer a maximum of 27 credits taken in their MPhil program offered by the Division of Social Science.